Our Story

We set out to be the world's first home grower consultants who provide live grow support to our clients.  Home Grower Consulting was started by Marc Davis in 2017.  We provide solutions that assist a home grower in their grow.  By providing fast response, informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions. This makes Home Grower Consulting a leader in providing safe and affordable solutions to the home grower. HGC is a grower-first company dedicated to being an unbiased partner to small home growers, providing highly educated and researched answers to assist and complete a grow of premium cannabis.

Our Approach

From the start, Home Grower Consulting works with you to understand every aspect of your grow before trying to provide assistance.  We’ll help determine why you are experiencing problems within your grow, and set targets. Our grow techs then perform a comprehensive evaluation of your grow to ensure the correct solution is found for your grow.

Michael Avalos 2017

2 Weeks in Bloom

Grow Aid $10.00

Retainer Service $150.00

Project Specific $300.00